PWC moving out of tower, into Larkinville

blj-sr-onesenecatowerhsbc-031414-600xx1197-1800-0-0In a move that surprised few, the region’s third largest CPA firm is abandoning the former HSBC tower in favor of the Larkin district.

“We can’t say it was one thing over another with our decision about where to move the office,” said Keith Stolzenburg, PricewaterhouseCoopers managing partner. “But, the Larkin District is a very funky place to be.”

Stolzenberg said with the average age of his firm’s employees just under 30, the “hip” factor of the Larkin District proved to be selling point.

The tower has lost several major anchor tenants in the past few years including the Canadian Consulate, HSBC Bank and thePhillips Lytle law firm. Where, once nearly all of its 851,000-square-feet were leased, the building is more than 95 percent vacant.

Development and ownership plans remain in flux and largely dependent on the outcome of the foreclosure process.

See the entire story from Jim Fink at Buffalo Business First here.

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