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Working For Downtown:

Committed To The Improvement And Promotion Of Downtown Buffalo

 Working For Buffalo!

Working For Downtown is a volunteer civic organization committed to promoting and continuously improving the quality of life in downtown Buffalo. Our ability to foster positive change in downtown Buffalo is reflective of the diversity of our membership and the commitment our members have displayed by actively contributing to the development of downtown Buffalo. The goals of Working For Downtown are often targeted to specific projects, but they can be summed up in the following statement: Working For Downtown is committed to promoting and assisting continued cultural, commercial, residential, and aesthetic improvement of downtown Buffalo.

Working Together!

Working For Downtown is committed to sharing information with our membership about opportunities available for community involvement with regard to the revitalization of downtown Buffalo. We emphasize and encourage participation in collaborative efforts. It is through collaboration and information sharing that our goals will be realized and our collective voice will be considered when decisions about the future of downtown Buffalo are made.

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• We offer the Buffalo Talks Series, an open discussion held in the city about timely issues facing the residents and businesses in our region.

• We provide networking opportunities for our members through the Buffalo Talks Speaker series and events such as Buffalo Meets Networking Events.

• We offer participation on committees that provide input and support for specific Working For Downtown projects such as Bricks for Buffalo and Buffalo Walks Tours.

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